Sunaina Vij is the founder and lead cross-cultural trainer at The Bridge. Her area of expertise includes Cross-Cultural Communication, Cultural Intelligence facilitation for inclusive work practice and teaching French and English for business and cross-cultural communication.

As a certified Cultural Intelligence facilitator (CQ) and FLE (French as Foreign Language) specialist, she is associated with various international and domestic organizations, including the American School of Bombay, Alliance Francaise de Bombay, TCP growth and Renaissance Strategic Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Over a decade, she has also worked closely with the senior management of AREVA India Pvt. Ltd., Ernst & Young, Intelenet Global, State Bank of India-Societe Generale, several educational institutions and Mumbai’s thriving expat community.

As a part of SIETAR Europa (Society for Intercultural Education Training Research) 2019 organising committee she heads the Pre-Post Congress workshops committee.

Sunaina’s academic credentials, include an Advance Diploma in French language, a Masters in French and Francophone literature and and a scholarship to be part of DAEFLE (Diploma in teaching French as a Foreign Language).

Sunaina currently lives in Mumbai with her spouse and son, but refreshes her long-running romance with France and Francophone countries through frequent visits.