The real challenge at Areva was that the class included employees from different positions, age groups and educational backgrounds. After first understanding the variety of people I was introducing this culture and language to, I planned the sessions in a progression which made it easy for everyone to follow, yet gave them a sense of the unique richness of French.

Sunaina Vij

International Cross-Cultural Expert | The Bridge


“She not only explained the nuances of the language, but also brought out practical linkages, which make it easier for the trainees to grasp. Yet, she very easily connected with all of them and made sure that all the trainees fully comprehend the principles behind the language.”

Shamik Parikh

General Manager – Marketing & Strategy | Areva



SIETAR EUROPA 2019 Congress was a conference on intercultural understanding that was held in Leuven, Belgium. Hosting more than 400 participants from all over the world from all fields: academia, business, politics, journalism and intercultural communication experts SIETAR is at the apex of the ‘intercultural community’s’ calendar and this year as a member of the core organizing committee, I interacted with and facilitated people from a vast tapestry of cultures. The organizing team of the Congress in itself was very diverse with 30 people from 15 different nationalities and I was a part of 3 different teams: Program Committee, Practitioner Committee and leading Pre-Congress Workshop Committee. Being part of such a large and successful intercultural team was a very fulfilling and illuminating experience for me.

Sunaina Vij

International Cross-Cultural Expert | The Bridge


 “She fulfilled her responsibilities of working with a diverse team and interacting with workshop facilitators from across the world.”

Gradiola Kapaj

Project Manager | SIETAR Europa Congress 2019




Prosenjit was a student with an absolutely unique reason to learn French. His mother is French but he didn’t grow up with her and they didn’t have a common language, a little problem that would have made a heart-to-heart conversation impossible. I helped him learn French and I don’t think I have ever had a more earnest student. My reward of course came when he sent me a short video of his mother and him, in Vancouver, talking and laughing – and hugging each other – in French.

 Sunaina Vij

International Cross-Cultural Expert | The Bridge


“Though I speak English and now French, I don’t have the words to thank Sunaina enough for enabling me to speak with my mother in French.”

Prosenjit Kundu





Assessing a candidate for employment on any parameter involves a serious responsibility – both to the candidate and the employer. As Intelenet’s partner on French assessments of potential employees, I made sure that not only the right skills but also the right mindsets came to the fore.

Sunaina Vij

International Cross-Cultural Expert | The Bridge


“Sunaina has been professional and co-operative in conducting these assessments to help us achieve our hiring targets.”

Deep Patel